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Formaggio di Fossa® with Truffle

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Fossa and Truffle

Fossa Cheese with Truffle is a combination of unparalleled elegance. The flavor of the Fossa Cheese enhances the smell of the Truffle, and the latter in turn completes the enveloping aroma of the Cheese. The combination is always varied and at the discretion of the chef, but it is classic to find it pure on cutting boards during appetizers often accompanied by chestnut honey, or in flakes on a plate of pasta with a delicate seasoning such as butter and sage, or simply with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. The secret is not to cover the flavor: the Fossa Cheese with Truffle must be the protagonist of the dish! Do you need an original idea? Try it in flakes on cooked herbs (spinach) to serve as a side dish to meat.

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